Why Us?

We are among the first financial websites and we have been in existence since the time when internet connection used to be a luxury. From there we have come all the way to where we are today.

We started with a very positive aim and this was to empower the investors who were fed and were eating what the broker told them. The media too played a major role in assuring them that the news was totally unbiased and the trader could trade blindly on the stock tips that were given.

We wanted to change that. And with this intention, we brought about a platform that could let the traders make decisions independently and after doing their own analysis. All that we aimed for was to let our investors take decisions independently and on not on what their broker told them. We wanted them to be free from the commission-driven advice given by brokers.

We started with helping our investors look for value stock and invest in them for the longer term. But over time we have also started suggesting investing ideas from a short-term perspective.

We are a research firm and we give ideas to our clients on which stock, commodity or forex pair to invest into. We give recommendations in the cash and the derivative market as well.

We let you take an independent choice. You decide your style of investment. You decide what your investment time should be and you choose what your investment class should be. You decide and we just help you achieve it.

Each of the asset class is managed by a team of research analysts who have in-depth knowledge about the market. They write reports based on technical and fundamental aspects of the asset. We boast of a platform that is investor driven and not just to earn a commission.


We are very principle based and follow it to the T. We provide only honest and unbiased analysis to our clients and every action that we take is based on what the investors’ interest is. Nothing is forced on the investors.

Our 100% unbiased reports come at a price. We are charging you for quality .there are many financial reports available for free on the internet but you are free to try them to understand if they really work.

You let us know what you want and we to customize the portfolio for you. We also have a dedicated portfolio manager that can be appointed to manage your money, should you need one.

We are here to offer any financial advice that you need and to help your wealth grow steadily and also sensibly.